The following WTTP instructors teach the listed GRI subjects in Florida.

Boza-Valledor, Deborah
International Real Estate, Internet Marketing, E-mail

Chando, Joanne
Professional Standards, Fair Housing and Diversity, Finance, Negotiating & Counseling, Goat Setting 7 Business Planning, Contact to Contracts, Personal Promotion, Sales & Marketing, Tax, Brokerage Management, Exchanging, International Real Estate, Land Environment & Private Property Rights, Single Family Construction

David, Steven
Business Planning, Contracts, Negotiating, Tax 1 & 2, Law, Property Management, Investing, Goal Setting

DeLuca, Cynthia
Contracts, Property Management, Business Planning, Negotiating & Counseling, Personal Promotion, Sales & Marketing, Common Ownership, Brokerage Management

Jakus, Jason
Technology, Sales & Marketing

Olson, Linda
Single Family Construction, Land Environment & Private Property Rights

Reass, Patricia
Appraising, Construction

Simon, Grant
Business Planning, Finance 

Tan, Patricia
nternational Real Estate