Other Programs (Non-CE)

Life Lessons & Real Estate at
200 mph, by Steven David

It's a rare mixture indeed when one of the largest independent brokers in the nation is also an 11 time national champion in Unlimited racing with 17 world speed records. His success in both endeavors are brought to life for you in this program as he shares his life lessons at 200 mph.

ESPN referred to Steve as racings Iron Man because at 56 he's at top of his game, both physically and in the record books. His program is real world, from the street real estate success and from the heart in overcoming setbacks. Buckle up, hold on for one of the most unique and powerful real estate and life enhancing programs you've ever experienced.


The Accidental Property Manager, by Steven David

Whether you'd like to invest in single family homes, condos or larger investment properties, Steve has been there, owns some of each and will share with you the daily realities of what it takes to buy, own and manage property in these trying times. From a Broker standpoint, these challenging economic times are getting a lot of salespeople into property management seeking another source of income as their sales have dropped off. As the broker you're on the hook for their mistakes, or worse. This program will answer virtually every question you may have about property management and smart investing, in a lively, give and take session founded upon what's really happening in the market…. right now.


Time to Thrive! by Cynthia DeLuca

NAR recently released data stating the average homebuyer sells every 13 years now…..This makes ‘repeat business’ a bit more of a challenge, doesn’t it? So, what’s a Realtor to do? The answer is in the exciting new program by Cynthia Deluca. You’ll learn how to target an untapped sector in the market that can create repeat business and give you listings time after time again, sometimes multiple listings in one week! By targeting attorneys with probates, divorces, etc., you will find a treasure trove of customers who need your help! Realtors leave this program with all the ‘how-tos’ and ‘what to dos’ and empowered to create new business the minute they leave the class. 3 hours


Workplace Law & Financial Management, by Steven David or Cynthia DeLuca

In this 2-hour, information packed session,we take each of the following topics and discusses it.  Realtors leave better-equipped to run their business and stay out of FREC jail!