Julianna Giordano,CIPS,GRI,e-Pro,TRC
International Palms Realty, Inc.
Orlando, FL 

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website: www.juliannagiordano.com

Article: Offers Gone Wild! 

NEW PROGRAM!..."Who Moved my Cheese?" How to adjust to life on a limb-burger /unexpected change

This book is one of the most commonly read amongst The Upper Leadership of many Fortune 500 Companies. It's quotes have become common lexicon in today's society, with most people never realizing their roots. Companies that share it's lessons with their Employees are certain to benefit from marked improvement of their performance and drive! Jules is quite Passionate about helping others to "see The writing on the wall" and to "move with The Cheese"! 45-60 minute Keynote Speech, includes 15 minute video plus Q&A, ideal as a "Wine & Cheese" afternoon or evening presentation (for ironic "punch")



About Julianna:

Julianna is a proud Native Floridian, and Mother of two, who grew up in Miami Shores. She is the Active Broker/Owner of International Palms Realty, the Owner/Director/Lead Instructor of Florida Advanced Real Estate School, as well as a Professional Speaker and Coach. She moved to Orlando in the Summer of 2018 (after nearly 30 years in the Fort Lauderdale Area) to relocate her Global Headquarters there, and be closer to Florida REALTORS HQ.

She has been in the Real Estate Industry for roughly two decades, and has a background in Adult Education, having been an International Speaker/Trainer in her previous Industry. She is also a writer, columnist, and course writer who has been featured in numerous Industry Articles throughout the years, as well as having received a multitude of awards (including REALTOR of the Year and YPN of the year). 

She specializes in Agent Training in areas such as: On-boarding and Day-to-Day Operations, Contracts, Law, Negotiating, Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Ethics, and of course Technology! 

Jules, as her friends call her, is passionate about raising the levels of Professionalism in Real Estate, and has proudly served her peers throughout her career by serving on various Committees like: Government Affairs, International, Ethics, Contracts/Forms, Community Outreach, and has even served as an Education Director over the years. But the one that she is most proud of, is the Professional Standards/Ethics Hearing Panels. Honoring the Code is of the utmost importance to her!

Jules believes that: "Success unshared is failure", so helping others is what makes her happy! (quote from: Billionaire John Paul Dejoria)