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"In almost any of life's endeavors, if you'll just get started, you're way ahead of almost any one else." read more from Life Lessons and Real Estate at 200 mph.

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12 action steps from Steve David to make THIS YEAR your best year thus far:

1. Acknowledge that you cannot sell Real Estate sitting on your rear-end

2. Get rid of your baggage, whoever or whatever is bothering you needs to be jettisoned. Either forgive them, or forget them.

3. Make a commitment to make something positive happen every day. Whether it's sending a referral, make a sale, take a listing, make a cold call, stop by a FSBO, something, anything that will generate income.

4. Refuse to be complacent, If you're not being productive, (a money making activity) get productive or quit.  Eliminate self induced BS.

5. Fix your problems yourself, don't look outside of you in the human sense for the cure to your lack of productivity.

6. Quit worrying, most of what you worry about will never happen and the balance you can't do much about.  And stop complaining, no one else (human wise) cares about your problem.

7. What everyone else does is irrelevant, become your own standard of excellence. you're all you need to be better than you are. 

8. Rejoice in problems, you wouldn't have a job if there weren't any.

9. Do something every day you didn't think you could. Whether it's making a cold call, calling someone you've been putting off, or telling someone you Love them and you've been scared to do so.

10. Enjoy being by yourself, find peace within yourself, enjoy inner silence. You've got to make yourself happy before anyone else can help.

11. The next time you're angry, stop whatever you're doing and deal with that anger. Find the underlying cause, and put it to bed NOW. Anger begets anger, and stupid is usually the only result of something done in anger.

12. What would you do if you weren't afraid to fail? Now do it. The failing was in the not doing it in the first place. 

Hope this turns out to be the best year of your life!



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About Steve:

Steve has been part of the GRI faculty for over 26 years, consistently scoring in the top 2% of the entire 60-instructor faculty. He also has spoken at the National Association of Realtors Education Directors meeting as well as the NAR Education Director’s Workshop.

He has spoken at the AEI Institute, RAPDD program in Wichita and several state association conventions including Tennessee, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Florida.  He has served as Chairman for Professional Development twice, was ‘State Educator of the Year’ in 1997 and served as Chairman of the FAR Leadership Academy.

Steve started in the real estate sales business in 1974 quickly rising to the top producing salesperson in CENTURY 21 Real Estate in Florida, selling over 100 million dollars in residential real estate during a 4 year period. That same year he started investing in real estate, and over 40 years later has owned or managed over 600 properties.

He also served the Fort Lauderdale Association of REALTORS® as their President in 1992, and was ‘REALTOR® of the Year’ in 1993. Steve served as a Director of the Florida Association of REALTORS® (FAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) for over a decade. He has twice been selected one of the ‘Outstanding Young Men in America’ by the US Jaycees.

Steve is a 12-time World Champion in Unlimited Hydroplanes, the fastest propeller driven boats in the world. Steve currently holds the competition world record for an Unlimited hydroplane, making him the fastest human on water for a competition lap.

Steve is also the 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012 National High Points Champion for Unlimited Hydroplanes. During his career he's had over 500 career victories. The difference between winning and losing, be it racing or business, comes from these experiences.