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NEW PROGRAM!! Negotiating to Close

Are you tired of being scared of negotiating? Are you worried that someone on the other side of the table is going to make you look bad because they know how to negotiate better than you?  Are you just tired of feeling like you are being taken advantage of by folks that know how to play the game better than you? Maybe you just want to improve in a field where you already excel. Well then it is time to become an ACE Negotiator. This is a no nonsense 4-hour bootcamp on how to fight for your customer and yourself. This is not a “pie in the sky” let’s sit around the campfire singing cumbia negotiating class, but it is the real tricks and tactics pros use to close the deals other people let die. Stop leaving money on the table, and stop leaving yourself and your customer without the best representation you are capable of. Time to become an Ace Negotiator . 4 hours CE credit.

About The A.C.E. Program

Student Comment:

Thank you for teaching the ACE course with excellent content that is essential to become a much better closer. I’m returning back to the real estate industry and taking this course reinforced things I knew and I learned the latest information and tools used to get the job done professionally. Now I feel much more prepared discussing figures with buyers, sellers, and specially with investors. This is a course that is beneficial to all level of experience. I’m looking forward to continue taking courses like this specially if you are the teacher.   -- Carlos 

Cody & Josh & the A.C.E.

In our extensive interaction in the real estate market both as consumers and practitioners we have had the experience of seeing both the highs and lows of service and professionalism in the real estate industry. One common thread we have realized is that professionals close deals and closers are professionals.

We developed this course as a means of setting a definitive road map guiding Realtors to recognize and develop the practices that are common to professional “deal closers”. Our mission is to bring a level of professionalism into a profession that at times sorely needs it.  We are the caretakers of our clients’ most valuable assets and as closers, as an ACE (Accredited Closing Expert) we hold this trust sacrosanct.

That being said we have attempted to use a little humor throughout this program to make it a little easier to remember. We hope a little levity will not only make it a bit of fun but also help you to enjoy the program.

Overview of Day 1: The Mechanics of Closing
Overview of Day 2: The Financials of Closing

Accredited Closing Expert 

This 2-day interactive workshop is taught by Cody Lampariello and/or Josh Cadillac. It is a certification from their educational company, Magna Education. It is not an NAR designation.

Day 1: ‘The Mechanics of Closing’ is approved for 8 hours CE credit and includes:

  • Chapter 1: What is a closer?
  • Chapter 2: Writing contracts to close
  • Chapter 3: Handling customers to close
  • Chapter 4: Communication
  • Chapter 5: Having a team to close: Get a Guy
  • Chapter 6: Building your business to close: Be the Guy
  • Chapter 7: Understanding your closer &
    Understanding the closing statement & Critical Path to Closing
    (Chronological closing checklist)

Day 2: ‘The Financials of Closing’ is approved for 8 hours of CE and includes:

  • Chapter 8: Understanding the Investment of Real Estate
  • Chapter 9: Closing Distressed Sales
  • Chapter 10: Negotiating to close
  • Chapter 11: ACE community