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Evictions: Real World Facts & Best Practices - by Steven David, 3 Hours CE

Evictions are being contested at a record rate. Residents are hiring attorneys at a record rate. While many residents have no legal basis for contesting the eviction, they are still able to file an answer with the court and too often get a court hearing, which causes significant delays. Most of the time, the resident does not win in court, but the resulting delay causes significant financial harm to the manager. In many cases a resident will contest the eviction and actually have a legal basis for contesting the case.  Most of the materials we’ll be covering are actual cases filed in Broward County, Florida.  Your Instructor was the plaintiff in each of these cases and will guide you through the process from start to finish.  There are three distinctly different evictions, all of which are the types you will encounter if you own or manage rental properties.

Military Math: VA Finance Calculations Made Easy - 3 Hours CE, by Grant Simon

Ever wonder how to calculate a veterans eligibility or how VA Jumbo loans work and how to calculate the down payment? Not sure how to Pre Qualify a VA buyer (ratio’s ) or how the funding fee can outperform Mortgage Insurance and how to calculate and compare it? In this class we make VA Math easy. We’ll teach you all of this and more and how it is essential to your success in helping veterans purchase homes. We give you the tools to help you be more successful in this specialized field and separate yourself from the competition! 

Disclose….Disclose….Disclose…. 3 hours CE, by Marcie Roggow

Frank Cook, the infamous editor of Real Estate Intelligence Report, was a keynote speaker at the annual Real Estate Educators Association Conference in Philadelphia.  His topic was “If your neighbor is mowing his yard in the nude, how much disclosure is too much disclosure?”  Now for those of you who know and appreciate Frank Cook, as I do, you know that he got right to the meat of the matter.  How much disclosure is too much disclosure?  My estimation is that, on occasion, the more disclosure given by the real estate professional, the more liability incurred.  Let’s take a look at the most significant issues facing the real estate industry today regarding “disclosures” and examine how you can shift those risks either to other professionals or the consumer themselves.  You see its not what you disclose as much as how it is disclosed that matters. The expression "Not my circus, not my monkey" is what we are aiming for here.  The consumer has certain responsibilties too!  The motto for this year should be “Risk Reduction….not Risk Management”!!

Advertising Compliance: Post THIS not THAT!   3 hours CE, by Marcie Roggow

MLS rules and regs, State laws and regulations, the National Code of Ethics, and then there are the company policies along with National Franchise policies regarding logos…how will you ever keep them straight? what' more interesting is that most of the agents don't even know that the rules exist OR that they apply to what they are doing.  So when I send them a note to correct the issue…they didn't have a clue.  Do you know what they mean or if you are in violation?  You will after this class…it is easy…with the checklist that you walk out with you’ll be able to check your social media posts, email signatures, websites and various 3rd party syndication sites!

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