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New CE programs:

The Art of Networking

Most Realtors agree that networking is critical to long-term success in real estate.  Despite consumers’ assumptions that Realtors are outgoing and networking comes naturally, in fact, many Realtors dread networking.  They perceive it as an awkward, forced, and an unnatural exchange -- which only leads to sweaty palms, uncomfortable silences, and unproductive conversations.   So, how do you leave those shaky knees behind and become better at networking? First, you attend this program! You’ll leave with solid strategies and techniques (that we’ll practice in class) that will allow you to 1) feel more comfortable in networking settings, 2) make a positive impression and 3) generate new contacts. 3 hours CE credit.

Avoid the Hack: Cyber Security Measures
by Jason Jakus 

It seems like every week there’s a big security breach in the news. Although Ashley Madison, Yahoo and Target might get all the headlines, more than half of all attacks are against small business owners including REALTORS®. Explore the most current risk including mobile hacking, the weakness in your Internet router and how cybercriminals hack your email to obtain your customers personal information. Spend 90 minutes to learn about the top 10 data and cyber security risk facing REALTORS® in their business today and steps you can take to mitigate the risk and protect your customers and your own data. You will also learn about the latest cybercriminals hitting real estate professionals and your customers by storm and how to protect your customers deposit money. 2 hours CE credit.

Foreign Nationals and the New FIRPTA Compliance
by JoAnn Koontz, Esq., CPA

Are YOU current on the changes to FIRPTA? Can you successfully explain to your customer the 10%, 15% withholding tax rules and exemptions? Taught by CPA and Attorney Joann Koontz, this course will arm you with the knowledge YOU need to work with real estate customers in Florida, one of the FOUR largest states for International business! Learn the rules, requirements, exceptions and exclusions to this tricky tax law and avoid issues as you head to the closing table. Even agents who work primarily with buyers need to know - in case the SELLER in their transaction is foreign. 2 hours CE credit.




Planning your education calendar? Looking for solid course materials, but have no budget for development? We have the answer. The "Licensing Library" containing over 20 programs that your board/association can license annually for a fraction of the cost to develop. Developed for you by the top GRI and CRS instructors available!


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We also provide affordable, National-quality speakers. Our speakers live and breathe what they teach; they've been in the trenches of business and bring their experiences to the classroom.