On the Road again...
Who is Where and When?

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As you work on your 2015 schedule, remember we have over 50 CE programs to choose from.

New Program:  

“All About Listings to Make More $", by Angela Territo  

New CE programs:



Planning your education calendar? Looking for solid course materials, but have no budget for development? We have the answer. The "Licensing Library" containing over 20 programs that your board/association can license annually for a fraction of the cost to develop. Developed for you by the top GRI and CRS instructors available!


We also help with:
    * Education budgeting
    * Working with volunteers
    * Developing new courses and
           PowerPoint presentations
    * NAR reaccreditation for
            your GRI Program
    * Marketing GRI and other CE programs
    * Online education


We also provide affordable, National-quality speakers. Our speakers live and breathe what they teach; they've been in the trenches of business and bring their experiences to the classroom.