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New CE programs:

Accredited Closing Expert (A.C.E.)

This program is a 2-day interactive workshop that builds from the ground up.We developed this course as a means of setting a definitive road map guiding realtors to recognize and develop the practices that are common to professional “deal closers”. Our mission is to bring a level of professionalism into a profession that at times sorely needs it.  We are the caretakers of our clients most valuable assets and as closers, as an ACE we hold this trust sacrosanct. This program will provide you with the tools to close more deals and make more money by showing you how to avoid distractions and superfluous activites that can get in the way of your path to the closing table! EACH day is approved for 8 hour CE credit.

Rusty Realtor Reboot
by Julianna Giordano

This course is for the Realtors® who have stepped out of the business for a while and are coming back to a multitude of changes. It is intended to be a “Hands-on technology training” for small groups in order for the Instructor to effectively assist Agents with Technical Issues. The Agents should leave with all of their key systems activated and synchronized where possible. We will discuss updates on: protocols, ethics, laws, rules, and regulations as well as contracts and forms. We will also go over some of the upgrades and changes to the MLS system as well as forms simplicity and Realtor.com. By the end of this course you will feel much more comfortable coming back into the industry, assisting Customers, and competing with the best of your peers. (This program was previously offered without CE and was a big hit!) 7 hours CE credit.

Tax Strategies & Business Planning for Realtors
By JoAnn Koontz

Working hard and wanting to minimize your tax liability?  This course will address YOUR business structure from a legal and tax perspective.  Keep more of the money you earn and reduce your liability.  Especially important for teams and agent’s whose gross commission is at least $50,000 per year! 3 hours  CE credit

Title Insurance 101: A Realtor’s Guide to Explaining Title Insurance
By JoAnn Koontz

Come learn the importance and impact of title insurance in your transactions.  What does it cover, how is it priced what do closing agents do to clear title and why does it affect you?  Is it worth the money?  Keep your transactions on track to close by understanding more about what is going on behind the scenes. 3 hours  CE credit



Planning your education calendar? Looking for solid course materials, but have no budget for development? We have the answer. The "Licensing Library" containing over 20 programs that your board/association can license annually for a fraction of the cost to develop. Developed for you by the top GRI and CRS instructors available!


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We also provide affordable, National-quality speakers. Our speakers live and breathe what they teach; they've been in the trenches of business and bring their experiences to the classroom.