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We're here to make your life easier! Whether is booking a speaker, consulting regarding CE credit issues or course development, we can help. Our speakers have been in the trenches of real estate and are the best at what they do whether it's teaching, listing, selling or closing a loan.

New CE programs:

Advanced Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate:Next Steps-Education, Listing, & Marketing, Linda Olson

You’ve taken “So You Think You Want to Be a Commercial Realtor”, my introductory commercial real estate course and you weren’t scared off… in fact, you were intrigued and want to know what to do next in your quest to become a commercial specialist.  Or maybe you have already dabbled in commercial real estate and want to know what more you can do to break into the field. The purpose of this class is to tell you what those “Next Steps” are, including educational opportunities available, how to land your first true commercial position, the best way to get commercial listings, and once you get a listing show you how to market the property effectively.  You’ll leave the class more knowledgeable on what to do next and more confident that you can move forward in the direction of being a commercial real estate specialist. 3 hours CE credit


Commercial Leasing Made Easy, by Linda Olson

The purpose of this class is to concentrate on the leasing aspect of commercial real estate.  This is a category that stands alone because of all of the unique terms and concepts that are associated with it.  There are many ways to structure a lease and many types of leases.  Realtors learn: the terms that are associated with leasing, the different types of leases, how to calculate rent, the different types of lease agreements and how to be comfortable with preparing a lease. 4 hours CE credit




Planning your education calendar? Looking for solid course materials, but have no budget for development? We have the answer. The "Licensing Library" containing over 20 programs that your board/association can license annually for a fraction of the cost to develop. Developed for you by the top GRI and CRS instructors available!


We also help with:
    * Education budgeting
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    * Developing new courses and
           PowerPoint presentations
    * NAR reaccreditation for
            your GRI Program
    * Marketing GRI and other CE programs
    * Online education


We also provide affordable, National-quality speakers. Our speakers live and breathe what they teach; they've been in the trenches of business and bring their experiences to the classroom.