New CE Programs for Florida boards!

Build Your Business & Reduce Risk with a Mobile Office & Social Media
by Jason Jakus

If you have been in the real estate business for any numbers of years, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that things have changed! Not only has the real estate market changed, but the way we do business has changed. And, more importantly, the way our CUSTOMERS EXPECT you to do business has changed. ‘Keeping up with technology’ is no longer a hobby, but a necessity if you are to meet the needs of today’s home buyer or seller. They expect more service, more communication and more accessibility to you. This program reviews the necessary tools to not only maintain that ‘personal touch’ with your customers, but to make sure we have the right tools for that job, all while reducing our risk on the Internet and in our advertising. That way, we can provide Exceptional Customer Service! 4 hours CE Credit.

So You Think You Want to be a Commercial Realtor? by Linda Olson

This course is designed for today’s busy residential Realtor, who may have an interest in expanding their services to include commercial real estate as well.  This program will acquaint you with the fundamentals of commercial real estate including the key differences between residential and non-residential real estate, identification of the “players,” types of commercial real estate and transactions and methods for valuation of commercial property. We’ll also review the documents used in commercial transactionsThe overall goal of the course is to better equip you to decide if this specialty is a direction that you want to take. 4 hours CE credit.

 A Realtor’s Guide to VA Loans by Sean Stephens

This program provides Realtors with everything they need to know about VA Loans for a expert lender’s perspective. From Eligibility and Entitlement to processing, credit qualifying and closing. You will leave well-armed to serve your next VA customer! 3 hours CE credit. 

FHA, USDA and VA By Sean Stephens

Realtors learn the common trains and benefit of government loans, credit qualifying and FHA unique program features. Sean also touches on VA and its features and credit qualifying. Then he’ll also cover USDA financing and who is eligible. You’ll also learn how to expand your business and reach even more customers. 4 hours CE credit.

Comprehensive Riders, By Cynthia DeLuca & Steven David

You want your contract to close correct? This course insures you'll know what you're writing, the right form for the right transaction and staying out of court. Buyer wants to obtain financing, and doesn't want to risk their deposit, what forms do you use? In this program you'll learn exactly what you need, how to fill it out, and get the deal closed. It's Sunday, you've got a buyer, and you don't know what to do? Spend a few hours in this program and you'll never doubt your skills again. Riders by definition are attached to something because the "something" didn't cover it. Together we'll insure that you'll know what form to use for every type of transaction you'll be involved with! 3 hours CE credit. 

As you start to work on your Fall schedule, remember we have around 50 CE programs to choose from. 

SRS (Sellers Representative Specialist)

Marcie Roggow, a Florida transplant from South Dakota (and just in time!) now teaches NAR's newest designation, the SRS. For more information about this program and the incredible benefit to your members' business, click here.


We have speakers on every topic. Or, if you want to simply license our materials and hire your own local instructor - we can help with that too through our Licensing Library. 


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