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As you work on your 2015 schedule, remember we have over 50 CE programs to choose from.

New Program:  

“All About Listings to Make More $", by Angela Territo  

Selling your own listings can increase your earnings but many Realtors don’t know where to begin because they have always focused on the buyer’s side. Capture & convert leads, present an effective 30-minute listing presentation, and earn with Expired’s. 6 hours.

New CE programs:

Go Global! Risk Management for the International Practitioner, by Carla Rayman and Pat Tan 

International buyers and sellers have played an increasingly important role in the U.S.A. real estate market over recent years.  As a result, more and more Realtors® are working with customers from other countries.  There is rising affluence throughout the world, and buyers come from a wide variety of countries to purchase U.S. real estate, drawn by “bargain-priced” homes, desirable lifestyle, favorable currency exchange rates or finding a safe haven for themselves and their money.   More Realtors® than ever have now worked with an overseas buyer or seller.  They are attractive as customers because: The majority of sales are cash purchases and Foreign purchasers typically buy higher priced homes. Pat and Carla will guide your through the maze of working with International Buyers and expanding your business, all while reducing your risk.  3 hours CE credit.


What's Chapter 83 Got to Do With it? - 3 Hours CE, by Cynthia DeLuca

In Florida, we have lots of landlords and lots of tenants.  Ensuring we as Realtors understand the laws that are associated with those relationships become the foundation for a great property manager. When laws apply to both the property manager and the owner, it’s important that the licensee understands the laws and how they’ll be stepping in the shoes of the landlord during the management of the property as their agent. Laws change each year, it’s critical we stay current on the changes. You’ll leave this program with a deeper understanding and knowledge of Chapter 83 and how it affects how YOU do business! 


The Rev-In-You - 3 Hours CE, by JoAnn Sloan

This program transforms your real estate practice from a hard job to an exciting venture of running a small business which can sustain you for the long haul in terms of earnings and fulfillment.  Easier said than done, for sure.  What makes it so difficult for a real estate practitioner to work the business instead of in the business? Maybe because there are countless approaches to take toward every aspect of the business?  You’ll learn to adopt the mindset of a business owner and make the commitment that you will not just participate in your practice as a listing agent or a buyer’s agent.  Commit to be the manager (putting systems and processes in place) and the CEO (with a purpose on why you do what you do and a vision of how it will turn out).  All three – balancing as you go, creating and running a more successful business.



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