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It's a Small World After All: Getting Started in Global Real Estate

Every day expanding communication channels are shrinking our world – the marketing you do locally is suddenly seen around the entire world in an instant. Do you have the knowledge to successfully maximize these burgeoning opportunities? If you’re excited about the prospect of adding International transactions but don’t know where to start – this class is designed especially for you!

Article 11 of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics states in part that: The services which REALTORS® provide to their clients and customers shall conform to the standards of practice and competence which are reasonably expected in the specific real estate disciplines in which they engage

Without knowledge and training on working with the international buyer and seller an agent runs the risk of being in violation of the COE without knowing it!

Understanding the unique needs of the global buyer from their perspective regardless of their country of origin and the global seller in relation to their potential tax consequences is vital to being a valuable asset to your client or customer. Cultural considerations play a huge part in the development of a successful real estate relationship in the global marketplace. Knowing where to look for specific country considerations can make or break your ability to serve this customer.

Learning about currency valuation and its effect on the purchase and sale, how money may be transferred and repatriated, visa requirements and limitations, FIRPTA and more will both expand your business and serve to reduce the risk of misrepresentation. Knowing if your global seller can engage in a 1031 Exchange, rent property to tenants, what must be withheld for federal taxes and helping them understand the US Fair Housing Laws provides an opportunity for a successful long term relationship which is what the international customer expects.


Now approved to teach:

  • REBAC - Real Estate Market Reboot
  • REBAC - Generation Buy
  • REBAC - New Home Construction 

Her motto: "If You're Laughing, You're Learning!" TM

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Check out Page 18 to see an article by Joanne in the FSAE magazine!

About Joanne:

Joanne Chando is a national speaker who has engaged audiences across the country bringing with her more than 35 years of active real estate experience.

She’s been a Florida Broker for 20 years, in 2005 (just in time for the Great Recession) she opened her own brokerage which she continues to operate.

Joanne the 2017 Vice-Chairman of Florida REALTORS® Education Programs and a 2009 Leadership Academy graduate at Florida REALTORS®. She’s a multiple year FR Director and a 12 year Honor Society Member.

She is a proud RPAC Golden R who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

Joanne is the 2015 Florida REALTORS® Educator of the Year and 2014 Broker of the Year at her association.

She was recently granted membership into the National Speakers Association.

Joanne says: “If you’re laughing you’re learning!”