Linda Olson, MS, CWE, CE
4779 Chicago Street
Cocoa, Florida 32927
321-848-4835 (cell)

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"I just wanted to thank you for sharing some of your own stories with our class. It's personal experiences from a pro like you that make the material less intimidating, and come alive for us. Coming from the military back to civilian life, I'm already going through culture shock- but honestly, you just can't make this stuff up! People are priceless. Thank you so much for your time and your pearls of wisdom."

--Monika von Hofmann

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Most Realtors agree that networking is critical to long-term success in real estate.  Despite consumers’ assumptions that Realtors are outgoing and networking comes naturally, in fact, many Realtors dread networking.  They perceive it as an awkward, forced, and an unnatural exchange -- which only leads to sweaty palms, uncomfortable silences, and unproductive conversations.   So, how do you leave those shaky knees behind and become better at networking? First, you attend this program! You’ll leave with solid strategies and techniques (that we’ll practice in class) that will allow you to 1) feel more comfortable in networking settings, 2) make a positive impression and 3) generate new contacts. 3 hours CE credit

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About Linda:

Linda is a Florida Realtor faculty member currently teaching GRI.  She is also a course author and instructor, creating continuing education learning opportunities for Realtors using her unique areas of expertise.   These courses are centered on Environmental Concerns, Green/Energy Efficiency, and the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate. 

Linda's expertise has come from spending the first 20+ years of her working career as an environmental consultant working on projects throughout Florida.  In 2005, Linda obtained her real estate license and started a second career as a commercial real estate agent.   In addition, for more than 10 years, during her tenure in both careers, she was actively involved with the local Home Builders and Contractors Association.  The additional knowledge she gained from this association and the contacts she has with builders, remodelers, and distributors of products gives her unique information and insight into “green” building techniques for improving a home’s energy efficiency.

Linda is an active Realtor specializing in all non-residential property types, especially vacant land throughout Brevard County. Her experience includes assisting owners to lease or sell their property, assisting buyers or tenants in purchasing or leasing, respectively, and in working with investors to find the right property for their purposes.  Linda uses her unique expertise to assist owners/sellers of vacant land to set competitive prices and potential owners/buyers with negotiating a competitive price based on existing environmental conditions that may be present on the property.

Linda was born in New Jersey and educated at Michigan State University obtaining a BS degree in Wildlife Management and at the University of Florida where she obtained an MS in Wildlife Ecology.  She is married and has 6 rescued cats.