Scripts for Realtors

What do I say now?
by Steven David, CRB, CRS, GRI, MBA

If we're going to stay afloat in the real estate business, it's important to get back to the basics - which includes prospecting. The next few paragraphs are designed as a 'kick-start' to help you get back to what you ALREADY know how to do.... or you wouldn't have made it this far.

For Sale By Owners - the approach:

"Good evening Ms. Smith, I'm Steven David with Florida Professional Real Estate. I see we're in the same business. (Wait for their response) I say that because I'm in the real estate profession and for now anyway, you are as well. How's your home sale going? (Allow them to talk, you'll learn more from listening to them then you will by talking. If they haven't hung up on your or closed the door in your face, you're doing well, hang in there!) I'm going to be in your neighborhood later, may I stop by and check out your property? " 


"I can appreciate you not wanting to meet with a real estate agent; obviously you're selling the house yourself. You see, right now you're competition to the other properties we have listed. If one of our listings doesn't meet a customer's need, I could possibly refer them to you. And I couldn't do that if I wasn't familiar with the features of your property."


"I'll tell you what, I want you to feel comfortable, so I promise I will not ask for a listing on your property and I won't stay for more than 5 minutes."

FSBO-You're allowed to view the property-they still object to a commission:

"Good evening and thank you again for allowing me to view your property. Just a quick question, if I could get you the net number you're looking for, and the final price was enough to cover that and my commission, would that scenario be acceptable?"


For first-time home buyers:

"Good evening Ms. Smith, I'm Steven David with Florida Professional Real Estate, have I called at a good time?" (if they say 'no' then ask what time would be better. If they say 'never' move on to the next number, DON'T QUIT!) If this is a good time to speak with them here's what you say, 'Ms. Smith, I'm calling folks that are renting, because in our current real estate market, you might be able to own for less than you're paying in rent, and for a very low down payment. Would that interest you?' " 

Common objections and responses:

OBJ: I don't know you, why would I sign anything with you?

  • RES: I can appreciate your concern since we've only just met. However, until you've given me the opportunity to prove my integrity and professional ability to serve you, I wouldn't expect you to sign anything.

OBJ: I can find anything on the Internet, why would I sign with you exclusively?

  • RES: The Internet is a great souce of bulk info. My expertise is in deciphering that and separating the 'fluff' from reality, knowing local the local market, the trends, and advantageous mortgage financing. I supervise the appropriate  inspections, facilitate the closing and in every other manner, I am YOUR professional eyes and ears to the real estate world.

OBJ: I have a friend in the real estate business.

  • RES: I hope that after I have satisfied your real estate needs, that I will be your friend too.

OBJ: I can do it myself.

  • RES: Yes, you could and I do have a program available to assit you to do just that. (If your company offers limited real estate services for a fixed fee or percentage, this is the opening to make that presentation. The goal is to overwhelm the prospect with all the forms, state and federal laws, contracts, inspections, and other potential pitfalls of a real estate transaction.)

OBJ: I've never 'had' to do this before.

  • RES: Real estate transactions can be a scary experience. There are so many new rules and regulations since the last time you were involved in a transaction, and having me as your agent will sure help smooth the way.

OBJ: I don't want to pay a commission. It seems like a lot of money - for what?

  • RES: Neither would I. If my broker can't earn their commission by providing a valueable service, I wouldn't want to hire them either. You are speaking with me though because you know I am a professional and I'll provide the services necessary to achieve your goal.

OBJ: I've used a Broker and had a horrible experience.

  • RES: Unfortunately, I've had some unpleasant experience with my colleagues as well. I believe they have been the exception to the rule. I look forward to a very pleasant and professional experience with you. And I expect you damend the same of me, right?