Programs by Julianna

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New CE program:  The Greatest Showman

This program is approved for BOTH Specialty CE AND Instructor CE.  Students will leave having the confidence in their competence to put on a great presentation (especially if it is for a listing!) plus they will gain more of a Personal awareness while doing so.  Whether you are actively in sales, seeking a Leadership Role, or simply have a fear of Public speaking, everyone needs a little help in this category. This program can add a competitive edge to YOUR real estate business with strategies in Listing Presentations, Time Management, Business Planning, Marketing, Social Media, Technology. 4 hours CE credit & 4 hours Instructor CE credit.

Real World Negotiating 

In this program, you’ll learn that people do things for THEIR reasons, not yours. You’ll learn to list first, and act second. You’ll leave with cues that will tell you how they process information and the best kind of negotiating strategy that they will respond to. 4 hours CE credit.

Business Planning for the Market Rebound

In this program, we review: causes for Real Estate Market hyperactivity, the concept of supply and demand in the real estate market and the impact it had on the current crisis, the concept of being “upside down” on a real estate property, and four elements to include in a solid real estate business plan. She will also explain the concept on sustainable income through real estate purchases and the financial considerations to be included in a real estate business plan.  3 hours CE credit.

Comprehensive Riders

You want your contract to close correct? This course insures you'll know what you're writing, the right form for the right transaction and staying out of court. Buyer wants to obtain financing, and doesn't want to risk their deposit, what forms do you use? In this program you'll learn exactly what you need, how to fill it out, and get the deal closed. It's Sunday, you've got a buyer, and you don't know what to do? Spend a few hours in this program and you'll never doubt your skills again. Riders by definition are attached to something because the "something" didn't cover it. Together we'll insure that you'll know what form to use for every type of transaction you'll be involved with. 3 hours CE credit.

The ‘Ins’ And ‘Outs’ of Successful Contracts

Contracts can be exciting! Learn the real ins and outs from one of the top Brokers in Florida. Complete a contract right at outset, and assure yourself of profitable closings for all concerned. Arms-length, short sale REO, your Instructor does them successfully every day. You will as well! 3 hours CE credit.

Fair Housing & Diversity

In this basic program—made fun students learn how to reduce liability and will be able to name two laws that cover fair housing as well as list the seven protected groups in the Fair Housing act. They will be able to explain the illegal acts of steering, blockbusting and redlining and also state what answer to give when confronted with a discrimination problem, and ultimately stay out of FREC Jail! 3 hours CE credit.

How to Know if Your Transaction is Going South

We’ve all had those transactions that we’d classify as a “problem”. But what was the problem? Even though each transaction is a unique course of events, there can be plenty of similarities with each transaction. Knowing the similarities with each transaction can help us pinpoint those key areas that need “attention to detail”. This will help us avoid future problems in those areas of the transaction, and help for smoother transactions in the future. So, a check list and consistent approach to each transaction not only benefits your buyers and sellers, but keeps you out of trouble too. 3 hours CE Credit.

NAR - Code of Ethics

Three hour workshop on the current Realtor Code of Ethics.
Approved for the 3 hours Business & Ethics CE credit.

Rusty Agent Reboot

This course is for Realtors who have stepped out of the business for a while and are coming back to a multitude of changes as well as Veteran Realtors who like to stay current on changing forms, contracts, etc. It is intended to be a “Hands-on technology workshop” for small groups in order for the instructor to effectively assist agents with Technical Issues. Realtors will leave with all of their key systems activated and synchronized where possible. We will discuss updates on protocols, ethics, laws, rules, and regulations as well as contracts and forms. We will also go over some of the upgrades and changes to the MLS system as well as forms simplicity and  7 hours CE credit.

Prudent Risk Management

This course reviews the most common risks associated with the ownership of a Brokerage firm and the practice of real estate (including Short Sales). It includes several recommendations, but should not be construed as the final word on risk management. The student’s job is to understand the risks, prepare for them, and avoid the creation of unnecessary risk.  3 hours CE credit.