Programs by Julianna

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Real World Negotiating - 4 hours CE credit

In this program, you’ll learn that people do things for THEIR reasons, not yours. You’ll learn to list first, and act second. You’ll leave with cues that will tell you how they process information and the best kind of negotiating strategy that they will respond to.

Business Planning for the Market Rebound
3 hours CE credit

In this program, we review: causes for Real Estate Market hyperactivity, the concept of supply and demand in the real estate market and the impact it had on the current crisis, the concept of being “upside down” on a real estate property, and four elements to include in a solid real estate business plan. She will also explain the concept on sustainable income through real estate purchases and the financial considerations to be included in a real estate business plan.  

Prudent Risk Management
3 hours CE credit

This course reviews the most common risks associated with the ownership of a Brokerage firm and the practice of real estate (including Short Sales). It includes several recommendations, but should not be construed as the final word on risk management. The student’s job is to understand the risks, prepare for them, and avoid the creation of unnecessary risk.