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In this 3-hour CE program, students learn:

  • How to overcome fears about investing in commercial real estate
  • Assemble an effective team
  • Identify various types of income properties
  • How to generate money for investing
  • Tax benefits of income properties
  • Managing and leasing income properties
  • Using your IRA to Invest
  • Finding deal/financing deals
  • Building your net worth


Tips from the Trenches: (60-75 minutes)

Becoming More Effective in Real Estate Brokerage

  •  The Word that Works Wonders
  •  Win Win Win Negotiations
  •  Signage
  •  Arriving at Amnesia
  •  KISS
  •  Knock and It Shall be Open
  •  Over Analysis
  •  Belt and Suspenders
  •  Life Long Learning
  •  Communicating
  •  T.N.T.
  • Ken Rosen Realtor, Real Estate Investor, Author, Educator, Lecturer, has brokered, bought and sold over $1 Billion  in Real Estate transactions. He is the author of 4 books the latest being, Investing in Income Properties - the BIG SIX Formula for Achieving Wealth in Real Estate, Second Edition published by John Wiley & Sons (2017).