Programs by Neal

Expand Your Global Reach: Building An International Real Estate Business

2 hours CE credit

In this program, Neal will review:
1. Understand why a global reach is necessary in today’s economy.
2. Understand the advantages of targeting and working with international clients.
3. Recognize the challenges associated with international clients & transactions.
4. Be able to locate and disseminate valuable information to garner business.
5. Position themselves as THE international real estate professional of choice to
compete against seasoned agents.
6. Create an action plan to implement upon conclusion of the course.


Beyond the Velvet Rope - Working with the world’s affluent - 3 hours CE

Finally, take control of your future while enjoying the journey as you uncover a simpler way to sales excellence. Fast-track your break into the world of high-end real 

estate. Learn proven strategies to effectively work with and awe affluent sellers and buyers regardless of experience, upbringing or current sphere of influence. Open your eyes to the power of intentional relationship-building to forever change your ability to stand above everyone else in the industry.

  • Understand that increasing foreign wealth affects how local real estate is traded.
  • Discover why global economy and market knowledge are imperative to success in high-end real estate.
  • Use professionalism and competence when competing with more experienced agents.
  • Outstand service will always lead to an abundance of business.
  • Realize the importance of an all-star team that will help you anticipate changes.


Productivity Mastery

Do you have more tasks than time? Are you trying to manage time, but finding it hard enough to manage yourself? If this is you, BUT you are looking for something more, something better; your answer comes in the form of two words. Productivity Mastery! Learn the proven techniques and systems of the world’s most successful achievers and see how to Get MORE by Doing LESS. A few shifts in your thinking and daily habits will drastically improve your productivity, give you greater results in less time, and unlock the life you desire 

Attendees will:

  • Understand time management vs productivity mastery
  • Learn WHY one is a myth and the other is a master key
  • Leave with tools and an action plan that explains HOW to get more done in less time
  • Be able to decide WHAT is worthwhile and what is a waste of time
  • Identify WHO can assist them in reaching their peak performance levels


Until: The Art of Perseverance

Life happens to us all. Is that statement comforting or convicting? What do you do when you don’t know WHAT to do, much less HOW to do it? This course is designed to provide enough motivation and inspiration to help during the ebbs and flows of life while delivering the education to turn the art of perseverance into a skill that anyone can embrace and implement. A seemingly insignificant word, UNTIL, holds the power and promise to transform disappointment into destiny  and failure into fortune. 

Attendees will:

  • Learn WHY perseverance is the skill of the successful
  • Discover HOW to turn an art into a skill that pays dividends beyond measure
  • Find examples WHO they can relate to and look to for continued inspiration and motivation
  • Understand WHEN perseverance is most necessary in life and business


Let’s Get KWINK-y (Knowing What I Now Know)

Geared toward newer agents or those desiring to take their businesses to a higher level, this course gleans experience from seasoned veterans. Why wait to learn from your own successes and failures? Learn from those who have gone before you to maximize time, energy, and financial resources. Best practices for sellers, buyers, systems and time management are the primary focuses. Don’t learn the hard way...

Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Business

Are you wasting time and energy on non-dollar productive activities? Use technology to your advantage to regain control of your business and your life. This course includes proven strategies and tips from the industry’s top professionals that will have your business operating at maximum efficiency (usually with no increase in expenses and often times saving you money). These easy to implement action items don’t require degrees in computer technology or in-depth knowledge or anything “techy.”

Experts Wanted; Become One!

Everyone wants to work with the best; no questions asked. This course covers how to position yourself as THE expert in your market. Learn tips that will allow you to get free media exposure as an industry expert, blow the competition away at the listing table/buyer consultation, and build a reputation as the go-to professional. Mediocre agents are unemployed agents. Take action today to ensure a lasting career and transform from being “a” to “THE” professional of choice.