Programs by Nishad

The Inspection Section 

The purpose of this class it to educate Realtors about the differences between the inspection clauses in both contracts, different types of inspections and their interpretations, and to take an in depth look of the inspection clause in the Standard Contract. 3 hours CE credit


CE Credits Pending/ No CE
The Listing Contract and Florida Brokerage Relationships (CE Pending)

This class is designed for Realtors who would like to understand the different types of agency relationships under Chapter 475. We will discuss establishing and terminating agency relationships, required disclosures and transitions between different relationships. The class will also cover different types of listing agreements, addendums and provide clear explanation of the entire listing agreement.

Florida Realtors/ Florida Bar Residential Contract (CE Pending)

This course will familiarize students with the most widely used contract form in Florida. This contract is a joint effort of the Florida Realtors and the Florida Bar. It’s used in all 67 counties by small and large Brokerages. Students will also discuss the Riders that can be used in circumstances where the standard contract by itself won’t accomplish the objectives of the parties.

Closer to Closings (3 hours CE)

Every Realtor has dealt with last minute closing issues. This class will give the student a general overview of the closing process. The instructor will give practical tips and instruction on how to avoid closing meltdowns and mistakes. The student should be able to understand what happens during the closing process, how to assist title companies in smoother closings, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

FIRPTA and the Real Estate Transaction

Foreign investors have long been investing in U.S. real estate. With competitive real estate values and Florida's natural beauty, real estate agents will come across more Foreign Buyer’s and Seller’s! Investors purchasing or selling U.S. property interests from or to foreign persons are required to withhold 15% of the amount realized on the disposition. This seminar covers What is FIRPTA and the purpose?, FIRPTA requirements in the FR/Bar Contract, How to determine if you are in a FIRPTA transaction, Explain the FIRPTA foreign withholding tax rules, Understand the exceptions to the FIRPTA tax, Who is liable for FIRPTA tax, Definition of a U.S. Citizen.

Future Works Under Construction
Divorce and Real Estate

This class will provide agents with a basic understanding of Divorce, Homestead, and Family Law in Florida. The course is designed to teach agents the nuances of dealing with parties who are considering, going through or have completed a Divorce. The course will venture into proper execution, deed requirements, ownership and practice issues to consider in real life scenarios.

Buying Auction and Foreclosure Properties 


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