Tips for Scheduling GRI courses in Florida

1. Start at the end of the week and work your way back.

Why? Because sometimes it easier to book your exam proctor first - then see what subjects they teach to minimize expenses.

2. Double up or triple up!

Take a look at what other subjects the instructor teaches. Sometimes speakers are willing to negotiate when they are receiving multiple speaking opportunities.

3. It’s AAAALLLLL negotiable.

Don’t be afraid to ask the instructor about his/her expenses. Many may be willing to work with you in substantially reducing their expenses, (i.e. charge less for mileage, not including meals, etc.)

4. Location, Location, Location…

Take a look at where each instructor lives. This is a great way to save on speakers travel expenses.

5. “You get what you pay for.”

We’ve all heard that saying. And in hiring GRI instructors it is true as well. When you hire the top instructors, you are creating RETURN CUSTOMERS for future GRI or CE classes.

6. If all else fails - call me or e-mail me!

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