Programs by Grant: 

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And Then There Were 4

A Realtors guide to the “Big 4” (VA,USDA, FHA and Conventional) Financing Options -A Solution 4  Every Homebuyer. This is the most up to date and  comprehensive financing options course offered today. Topics covered include:

  • The New 97% Conventional Loans
  • Mortgage Insurance Costs with Comparisons  and the Impact of Credit
  • New USDA maps, ratios and guidelines (updated for 2015)
  • Repurchasing after bankruptcy, short sale and foreclosure with VA, USDA, FHA and Conventional
  • Down Payment and Gift  Comparisons
  • Rates, Credit and Hard Stops in Underwriting

4 hours CE credit.

Complete Credit and Credit Repair

A Realtors Guide to understanding consumer and lender based credit scoring models. This completely updated course is a must for the new and seasoned realtor. It includes timelines for seasoning short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcy with FHA,VA, Conventional and USDA loans. We also discuss overlays, thin files and how to establish and repair credit. 3 hours CE credit

Help Your Customers “Know the Numbers”

Know Your Numbers includes helpful tips to discussing Payments, Cash to Close, Appreciation , Depreciation, Interest rates, The Economy and Statistics. It is designed to “Turn you into a walking, talking real estate machine, and help you generate another transaction in the next 30 to 60 days.
3 hours CE credit.

Investor Financing & Purchasing

The demand for investment property is at an all time high. Housing prices are also low allowing real estate investors to buy properties at great value and combining these factors they feature low monthly payments and yield good returns. Realtors must be prepared to work the opportunities, understand the challenges this market presents and have solutions for consumers going forward. In this course, you’ll receive guidance in investor financing and the rental market. You’ll be able to calculate your customer’s return on investment to assist in their decision to purchase a property and create a budget for a rental property.  3 hours CE credit. 

Military Math

Ever wonder how to calculate a veterans eligibility or how VA Jumbo loans work and how to calculate the down payment? Not sure how to Pre Qualify a VA buyer (ratio’s ) or how the funding fee can outperform Mortgage Insurance and how to calculate and compare it? In this class we make VA Math easy. We’ll teach you all of this and more and how it is essential to your success in helping veterans purchase homes. We give you the tools to help you be more successful in this specialized field and separate yourself from the competition! 3 hours CE credit.

Generational Financing: Home Finance Options for Every Buyer, 4 Hrs CE credit

Every generation of home buyer is different. Their history, their financial needs and resources greatly varies from one buyer to the next. We are all influenced by our friends, family, teachers and co-workers. Each has a unique perspective.

Knowing this, we tailor finance options to resonate with each customer, to meet their needs. Some are based on facts and others are based on fiction. We must understand their belief system and understand their influences.

To be successful today, it is important to first understand each generation. Then we’ll talk about why various financing option are generally ideal for each. We will conclude with why real estate is a great way to help your customers build long term wealth and by assisting your buyers, you are creating a ‘stimulus’ package for your community.


Advanced Finance: A Realtor's Guide to Explaining FHA Loans and the Economy, 4 hrs CE Credit

This program will show the Realtor how current market statistics affect their business and how the Federal Housing Finance Agency can help their customers. The'll also learn to explain to their customer the difference between a Primary and Secondary market and the direct link to the consumer. They'll gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of an FHA loan and mortgage insurance. Grant will also review mortgage fraud and how the customer is affected.

Advanced Finance: A Realtor's Guide to Explaining ARMs, Conventional Loans and Predatory Lending, 4 hrs CE Credit

Realtors will learn the pro and cons of a Conventional Loan and how to explain this to their customers.  They'll learn how the consumer is affected by predatory lending and how they, as a professional, can avoid it. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of how to explain payments, taxes and insurance to their customers. Plus, they'll learn how to utilize housing statistics to establish credibility with their customers.