The Speed of Right

One-day Seminar (6-8 hours) This program is clearly the best way to learn about and implement Kolbe Wisdom. participant gain a practical understanding of how the three parts of the mind influence their own behavior, and that of their friends, colleagues, and clients. The three parts of the mind are: Cognitive, Affective, and Conative (Instinctive) or in other words, Thining, Feeling, and Doing. Each participant will take the Kolbe-A Index at least five days prior to the date of the seminar, and each participant will receive a 13-page, full-color report containing helpful information about their unique instincts.


Instinct-Driven Success
Half-day Seminar (3-4 hours)

This program is an excellent way to help your entire group udnerstand how instinct impacts them and their clients or customers. This seminar can be preceded by everone completing the Kolbe A Index, or it can be presented without the participant taking the index. Participants will explore how the three parts of the mind work together to determine one's performance. With this information, students can learn new actions and steps they can take that will increase individual productivity, reduce stress, and improve communication, team effectiveness, and customer service.