"Experience with the future"

Presentations by Jerry:

Jerry assists individuals and organizations in creating a successful future. For over 25 years Jerry has delivered dramatic presentations about the future. He explains his views of a possible future in a variety of areas through examples and connections with current events. Below are his current presentation offerings.



The Way of TomorrowTM
Amazing shifts are occurring. They impact all levels of society, business, and personal life. Enabled by technology and empowered by deep human desires, these shifts both create and destroy. A fundamental reversal of decades of business and personal foundations is rapidly evolving. This is more than a trend - more than a change – it is a new way of being.


Areas leading these changes are: Society, Technology, Consumers, Communications, and Individuals. Massive, connected and simultaneous movements dramatically and permanently affect each of these areas and certainly professional services.


“The Way of Tomorrow” is a presentation on a future that is literally exploding before us. Jerry reveals trends, concepts, and movements in understandable, clear language. And he suggests actions that organizations and individuals can take to become part of the future – or to understand it – and to be comfortable.


The presentation can be used as a stand-alone keynote address or as the basis of an extensive open discussion or workshop afterward. The use of interactive teams for possible actions is the workshop format. It is best as an opening speech for a convention or regional gathering as well as an opening session for a planning or visioning conference.



Transform: Creating a New Association
In any business downturn there is great opportunity. The most successful firms in every industry increase market share with actions taken during recessions. The changed real estate market has negatively altered most Realtor associations. But some will take advantage in this down time, and prosper.


The real estate business will be different after this downturn. Expectations of associations will change. Associations can position now to be a new organization when the market cycles back. The areas leading this transformation are: Professional Skills, Member Relations, Communications, Business Information and Technology, and Public Policy.


“Transform: Creating a New Association” is a session that analyses trends affecting real estate and creates a plan for associations to be of value in the future. Powerful Results: Craft new programs or services that are most valuable in the future, Define the new demands of our members, Clarify association’s role to advance the evolved profession, Create an organization of real value to members, Use the new communications methods to your advantage


“Transform” can be used as a separate program or as a workshop platform to develop solutions. It is ideal for a single association planning session or a gathering of AEs and Realtors at a leadership conference or regional meeting. Subject experts can be added for targeted topic areas.



“Fine-Tune: Adjusting to Rapid Change”
Dramatic market moves challenge everything. Plans made just months ago are rendered invalid by radical change. New decisions are pressured - even frantic. There is a better way to handle these sudden, unexpected events.


“Fine-Tune: Adjusting to Rapid Change” is a session that addresses quick market changes - or other severe challenges - having a major effect on members and the association. A high impact plan is created that will complement any existing Strategic or Business Plan. Also, it will prevent irrational decisions that could have negative long-term consequences. Specific results: Updated strategic or business plan to current events, Defined members expectations, Action steps needed in key areas because of new challenges, Selected programs, products, and services most valuable now, Validated budgetary shifts, cuts, and enhancements


“Fine-Tune” is ideal for a single association planning session. However, it can also be a presentation for a gathering of Association Executives and Realtors at a leadership conference, regional meeting or education program. Subject experts can be added for targeted topic areas.