Tim Linger
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About Tim:

For the last several years, Tim has been instructing hundreds of Realtors and other real estate professionals on the 'Reverse Mortgage for Purchase' and the benefits of this FHA program for senior homebuyers.

He brings his 15 years of experience in the reverse mortgage industry, and the knowledge and personal experience accumulated to his students in the classroom. He reviews the all the variables encountered when working in partnership to close the reverse mortgage for purchase transaction.

New Program:

The Purchase Reverse Mortgage - 3 hours CE credit

In this program, students learn that A purchase reverse mortgage is also a no monthly payment mortgage.  Whether a purchase reverse, or a refi-reverse the FHA program is the same.  A purchase reverse is where the buyer puts equity into the home to secure it and a refi reverse is where the homeowner borrows against the value of the property to pay off any lien holders or to pull cash from the home’s equity. They will also understand that a reverse mortgage is a non-recourse loan.  This means that one cannot owe more than the home is worth - ever. 

Realtors can increase their business by attending this program and learning how The Purchase Reverse Mortgage enables senior homebuyers — age 62 and older — to purchase a home and make no monthly mortgage payments for as long as they live in that home.