Programs by Linda

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Vacant Land Contracts Revealed - 3 hours CE

The purpose of this class is to take away the mystery of preparing Vacant Land Contracts. Specifically, we will review what a contract is; Letters of Intent - how and why to use them; we will go over – line by line – the provisions of Va-cant Land Contracts; and we will briefly discuss Vacant Land Disclosures. We will also discuss feasibility studies that should be completed during the due diligence period and how to calculate inspection time periods. By the end of the class you will feel more comfortable and confident in preparing Vacant Land Contracts. 

The Art of Networking - 3 hours CE

Most Realtors agree that networking is critical to long-term success in real estate.  Despite consumers’ assumptions that Realtors are outgoing and networking comes naturally, in fact, many Realtors dread networking.  They perceive it as an awkward, forced, and an unnatural exchange -- which only leads to sweaty palms, uncomfortable silences, and unproductive conversations.   So, how do you leave those shaky knees behind and become better at networking? First, you attend this program! You’ll leave with solid strategies and techniques (that we’ll practice in class) that will allow you to 1) feel more comfortable in networking settings, 2)make a positive impression and 3) generate new contacts.

Commercial Contracts Revealed - 3 hours CE


The purpose of this class is to take away the mystery of preparing commercial contracts.  Specifically, we will review Letters of Intent and how and why to use them, we will go over – line by line – the provisions of Commercial and Vacant Land Contracts and talk about when you should use Optional Clauses along with your Commercial Contracts.  As part of these discussions we will include, in detail, due diligence that should be completed during the feasibility period of a commercial or vacant land contract.  In this interactive workshop, you will leave with the knowledge to explain the agreement(s) to a customer/client, determine how long due diligence periods should be, and be better able to prepare a solid and binding contract.

Successful Commercial Lease Negotiation & Preparation
4 hours CE


The focus of this class is to empower you to successfully negotiate leases for your commercial-tenant clients.  More specifically, how to determine the tenants’ needs and how to collect information on and to evaluate potential sites.  We will review the most common terms and conditions incorporated into most leases and you will learn which of those clauses, when negotiated, will result in the most favorable final terms and conditions for your client.  Finally we will discuss how to review a lease and how to prepare a tenant- and property-specific lease.  Utilizing class discussion and role-playing, this course will provide you with the confidence to negotiate the best deal possible for your client and to assemble a lease that meets everyone’s needs. 

Commercial Leasing Made Easy - 4 hours CE

The purpose of this class is to concentrate on the leasing aspect of commercial real estate.  This is a category that stands alone because of all of the unique terms and concepts that are associated with it.  There are many ways to structure a lease and many types of leases.  Realtors learn: the terms that are associated with leasing, the different types of leases, how to calculate rent, the different types of lease agreements and how to be comfortable with preparing a lease.

Advanced Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate: Next Steps: Education, Listing, & Marketing - 3 hours CE

You’ve taken “So You Think You Want to Be a Commercial Realtor”, my introductory commercial real estate course and you weren’t scared off… in fact, you were intrigued and want to know what to do next in your quest to become a commercial specialist.  Or maybe you have already dabbled in commercial real estate and want to know what more you can do to break into the field.  Well, the purpose of this class is to tell you what those “Next Steps” are, help you to get commercial listings, and once you get a listing show you how to market the property effectively.  You’ll leave the class more knowledgeable on what to do next and more confident that you can move forward in the direction of being a commercial real estate specialist.

So You Think You Want to be a Commercial Real Estate Professional?
4 hours CE 

This course is designed for today’s busy residential Realtor, who may have an interest in expanding their services to include commercial real estate as well. This course also offers great information for commercial agents just getting their feet wet. This program will acquaint you with the fundamentals of commercial real estate including the key differences between residential and non-residential real estate, identification of the “players,” types of commercial real estate and transactions. We will also discuss methods for valuation of commercial property and will review the documents used in commercial transactions. The overall goal of the course is to better equip you to decide if this is a specialty you want to persue.   

Is Your House Making You Sick?
4 hours CE 

Take this course and learn about threats posed by naturally occurring health hazards such as mold and radon; man-made materials and components such as asbestos and lead-based paint; and defective materials such as Chinese Drywall.  Learn about the sources of these toxins, their effect on our health, what laws provide us with protection from them and what disclosures we as Realtors have to make.  In addition, learn how to guide your customers in the identification of potentially toxic issues in their homes, in how to reduce their exposure, how to test for its presence and extent, and how to remediate the problems so that there are no remaining issues that could affect a successful sale and closing on a property.


Making GREEN by Selling GREEN - Educating Your Customers on Embracing a GREENLifestyle - 4 hours CE

In this course you will learn to distinguish between concepts such as “green”, ecofriendly, energy-efficiency, and sustainability so you can teach your customers how they can live an “eco-conscious” lifestyle within any budget.   This course will provide you with “green renovation options” such as xeriscaping, Energy Star appliances, and solar products.  We will go over practical things anyone can do to make their homes more energy efficient and sustainable; things that are inexpensive to implement but could result in significant savings.  Once you, as a Realtor, know how to recognize these features in a home (or ask the right questions to highlight energy efficient aspects of a house) you can use that information as a marketing tool for a Seller and as selling points for a buyer, making you a more specialized, effective and successful Realtor.


Environmental Concerns and Real Estate:
Is the GREEN in Your Transaction Raising RED Flags?
3 hours CE

In this course you will learn about the most common environmental issues that can be “deal breakers” and how each of them relate to real estate transactions (in other words what affect they may have on a buyer or seller, if present).  You will leave with a list of questions your Buyer or Seller should ask about a property that may have wetlands, sinkholes, threatened or endangered species or hazardous waste associated with them.  You’ll find out what to do if you encounter these and the steps to take that can keep you on track and on your way to the closing table.