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In most Realtor associations, budgets are tight. Course development funds are either very limited or non-existent. Many boards have qualified speakers, but have no one comfortable actually WRITING a real estate course they can offer.

We have the solution.

Now, your local or state association of Realtors can have access to, and use of, top quality course materials for a small annual fee. Plus, YOUR instructor gains free consulting with the course writer to assist in preparing to present the program.

Here's how it works.

Most of these programs are already approved for CE credit in at least one state. The course authors are accustomed to developing programs to meet the real estate CE requirements, so the courses were designed with that goal in mind. WTTP will work with you in adapting the course materials to meet YOUR state's CE requirements.

What’s included in the license?

Your board/association/office will receive:

·Complete, full-text outline

·PowerPoint Presentation

·One-on-one consulting between your instructor and the course author.

Here is a list of programs available:

(Some Programs not Available in Florida.)

Broker Coaching Success, By Steven David
This program that includes the following chapters: Business Planning, Commitment to Prospecting, Prospect Assurance and Accountability, Steps to the Closing Table, Growing Your Team, Customizing your Coaching, Maintaining the Coaching Environment. 4-6 hours

Business Planning for the Market Rebound, By Steven David
In this program, Steve reviews: causes for Real Estate Market hyperactivity, the concept of supply and demand in the real estate market and the impact it had on the current crisis, the concept of being “upside down” on a real estate property, and four elements to include in a solid real estate business plan. He will also explain the concept on sustainable income through real estate purchases and the financial considerations to be included in a real estate business plan. 3 hours

Creating Sustainable Income, By Steven David
This program is an investing course, and takes a step-by-step look at 4 different properties and analyzes the net operating income/investment return of each. Great for beginners and veteran Realtors! 3 hours

Generational Financing, By Grant Simon
Realtors leave this course with a better understanding of the generations and their financing needs. This program is an in-depth discussion of Yers, Xers, Boomers and Civics and loan products like FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, ARMs and reverse annuity mortgages. 4 hours

Goal Setting for Today’s Realtors, By Cynthia DeLuca
A review of statistical information regarding sales prices, % of buyers vs. sellers and where leads come from that result in closed transactions, how to calculate the average commission earned, differentiating between the goal gross income and their goal net income. Also included: activities Realtors should do in order to achieve their goals and a desired income level. 3 hours

How to know if Your Transaction is Going South: And how to avoid it!
By Cynthia DeLuca
Knowing the similarities with each transaction can help us pinpoint those key areas that need “attention to detail.” This helps Realtors avoid future problems in those areas of the transaction, and allows for smoother transactions in the future. 3 hours

How Washington Changed the Real Estate & Mortgage Industry: Stimulus & RESPA changes Realtors need to know, By Grant Simon
This is not just an ordinary course about bad practices and misinformed buyers. This course is an up-to-date overview of the changes to the real estate industry since the market meltdown. This course helps the Realtor understand legislative changes and to succeed in today’s market. 3 hours

Mortgage Fraud and Identity Theft, By Grant Simon
This is a review of major red flags of mortgage fraud, what “Best Practices” should be included when operating as a Mortgage Banker, Realtor or borrower in a transaction. Also discussed are the potential penalties for violating the mortgage fraud and suggestions to improve mortgage fraud awareness. 3 hours


Prudent Risk Management for Realtors, By Steven David
This course reviews the most common risks associated with the ownership of a Brokerage firm and the practice of real estate (including Short Sales). It includes several recommendations, but should not be construed as the final word on risk management. The student’s job is to understand the risks, prepare for them, and avoid the creation of unnecessary risk. 3 hours