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What students are saying:

Jo Ann Koontz was a breath of fresh air.  She immediately puts her audience at ease with her affable demeanor, and the audience intuitively realizes she is not only extraordinarily bright, but she is confident enough in her subject matter and strength as a speaker to engage them WHILE effectively proceeding through her material.  She takes questions DURING the presentation, always answering them completely.  I understand that speakers can’t always do that due to the length of the material and time constraints, but it is so refreshing to be able to ask questions WHILE we’re on the subject instead of holding them until later or asking questions during a break.  Sometimes the best learning takes place when we can hear the experiences of others and then hear the expert’s analysis.  Jo Ann is chock-full of information, and her style of speaking puts the listener at ease.  She leaves the room wanting more, and for a 3 hour class on title issues, that’s saying a LOT!!!  I could have listened to her for DAYS, and judging from the comments afterwards, my classmates felt the same way.

--Elizabeth Thomas,  Charles Rutenberg Realty

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Jo Ann Koontz is an attorney and CPA who steals the show on almost every panel she’s ever been on because of her energy, enthusiasm and razor-sharp ability to get to the heart of the matter.  In 2011, she opened her own law firm in downtown Sarasota, after five years of practicing with other area firms.

In addition to residential and commercial real estate law, she also practices business law, and state and federal tax law.

Jo Ann earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ohio Northern University in 2001, specializing in accounting. She says choosing accounting as her undergraduate major was “the best mistake” she ever made, and she went on to earn her CPA license in 2003. She received her law degree from Ohio Northern University in 2006.

A former high school and college basketball player, her height does not stop her from pursuing her insatiable love of high heels, and it has been said that her shoe collection rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s of the TV sit-com “Sex in the City.” Married to the love of her life, Kyle Koontz, she supports the Center for Autism Resources and Education, a cause that has been near and dear to her heart since her nephew was diagnosed with autism.