Programs by Jo Ann

You can click here to download a PDF of Jo Ann's programs.

CE programs:

Realtor Tax and Business Planning-3 hours CE

Working hard and wanting to minimize your tax liability?  This course will address YOUR business structure from a legal and tax perspective.  Keep more of the money you earn and reduce your liability.  Especially important for teams and agent’s whose gross commission is at least $30,000 per year!  

Title Insurance 101-3 hours CE

Come learn the importance and impact of title insurance in your transactions.  What does it cover, how is it priced what do closing agents do to clear title and why does it affect you?  Is it worth the money?  Keep your transactions on track to close by understanding more about what is going on behind the scenes.  

Lease Purchase vs Lease Option-2 hours CE

Find out the differences between these two seemingly similar ways to structure a deal and satisfy both parties.  What are the issues and benefits for each side – buyer and seller?  What should you be concerned about when writing this type of offer?  Come learn how to stay out of hot water!

Foreign Nationals and the New FIRPTA Compliance-2 hours CE

Are YOU current on the changes to FIRPTA? Can you successfully explain to your customer the 10%, 15% withholding tax rules and exemptions? Taught by CPA and Attorney Joann Koontz, this course will arm you with the knowledge YOU need to work with real estate customers in Florida, one of the FOUR largest states for International business! Learn the rules, requirements, exceptions and exclusions to this tricky tax law and avoid issues as you head to the closing table. Even agents who work primarily with buyers need to know - in case the SELLER in their transaction is foreign.

Other programs:

Every Realtor Should Know

This program will outline the pitfalls that some agents fall into when dealing with buyers and sellers and pointers on how to avoid those issues.  Minimize the risk of delays, deals that die and liability by following a few simple steps.  As a closing agent, I see several ways that agents can keep transactions on track to close timely.


Don’t let the convenience of E-signing documents cause trouble in your transaction.  Learn the ins and outs of this recent legislation and issues you should be aware of when using this technology.  

Identity Theft

Learn not only how identity theft happens and how to avoid it, but the risks that you have to potentially contribute to your customer’s exposure.  What can you do to keep your ID protected personally and how can you strengthen your procedures so that you are not opening yourself up to liability.