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A Realtor's Guide to Section 8 Housing

In today’s suffering economy, many Realtors have reluctantly become landlords and have difficulty collecting the rent due to them.  Many tenants have circumstances that happen to them that are not always in their control. After several bad experiences, landlords may feel refreshed to know there is an alternative to the stress: subsidized
housing.  A portion or all of the rent could be paid by HUD, in essence, “guaranteeing” the rent. Having experience with subsidized housing can help you gain landlords and help your job become easier regarding collecting rent.  But you need to understand the rules and regulations that come with it. 4 hours CE credit



Guiding Your Customer Through the Sales Transaction:
(How to Know if Your Transaction is Going South)
3 hour CE Credit in Florida

The overall goal of this program is to make sure that you provide the best customer service possible in every transaction.  Your customers deserve every ‘i’ to be dotted and every ‘t’ to be crossed. And you deserve to get paid for a job well done. Customer service and a successful closing go hand-in-hand. So, it’s up to you.

This course reviews the various steps along the way from the initial encounter and qualifying to the closing table. It’s somewhat of a ‘roadmap’ and ‘reminder list’ that will help guide you (and your customer) through each transaction.

We’ve all had those transactions that we’d classify as a “problem”. But what was the problem?  Even though each transaction is a unique course of events, there can be plenty of similarities with each transaction.  Knowing the similarities with each transaction can help us pinpoint those key areas that need “attention to detail”.  This will help us avoid future problems in those areas of the transaction, and help for smoother transactions in the future. So, a check list and consistent approach to each transaction not only benefits your buyers and sellers, but keeps you out of trouble too!

Business Planning for the Market Rebound 
3 hours CE credit in Florida

We’ve all heard it, set your goals, make a plan and work to accomplish both.  What does that really mean?  What is a goal, what are ‘objectives’? And how do they fit into our business plan? In any aspect of our lives, we tend to set bench marks and goals to achieve certain objectives, whether it’s to start a family, travel to places afar, or just reach a certain level of income in our business. 

So how do we accomplish a certain level of income in our business? We make a plan.  ‘Goal setting’ can be part of that plan as well as creating objectives. Think of your business plan as your most direct route to where you want to go. 

In this program, we will show you how to ‘do the math.’ A sound business plan takes a look at the income, expenses, and marketing plan.  We will talk about generating leads, and how many leads and closings you’ll need to sustain your desired income level.  We’ll review various business expenses and best practices.

Preparing & Navigating the Listing Contract
4 hours CE credit in Florida

Listing Contracts are an important part of the real estate business.  They communicate who is responsible to do what, give a time period for those items to be performed, and guarantee the listing broker to be paid for these services.  Having all the ‘T’s crossed and the ‘I’s dotted can mean the difference of getting paid, and not getting paid. In this program you’ll become familiar with various types of listing contracts, the difference between them, and some options to guarantee compensation while making your way to the closing table.

Streamlining Your Property Management Business
4 hours CE credit in Florida

Real Estate Agents and Brokers are realizing that more and more challenges are facing property management today.  With foreclosures and short sales around every corner, it’s important to know how to handle each situation.  In this session, you’ll gain insight into the new consumer of today who wants information immediately and has new ways of finding out what they need to know. You’ll be prepared to handle any obstacles that you may come across.  You’ll hear tips on how to handle owners in a declining market, deal with tenants through the process, and understand solutions to normal day to day operational questions. At the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of these challenges and how to streamline your business as a property manager.

Creating a Service-Driven Property Management Operation
3 or 4 hour CE credit in Florida

Join Cynthia as she takes you thru the creation and day to day operations of her own property management offices. Learn to create multiple sources of income streams from full property services.  This course includes the conceptual and legal aspects, marketing techniques to attract clients, tenant issues, insurance recommendations, accounting requirements, staffing and financial planning. Whether you intend to add property management as a compliment to your Brokerage and sales activities, or manage thousands of units as Steve's office does, you'll find solid, real world ideas from this power packed course.

Look Before You Leap: FL Statutes, Rules & Best Practices when operating as a Real Estate Broker - 3 hours CE credit in Florida

This program reviews the importance of a policy manual and list several elements needed for an effective policy manual as well as  the various responsibilities of the manager.  Students will also learn how to develop a business plan to identify various expenses associated with operating a real estate brokerage and the various business models one may follow and explain the F.A.C. rules regarding trust accounts and escrow monies.

Prudent Risk Management for Realtors
3 hours CE credit

This course reviews the most common risks associated with the ownership of a Brokerage firm and the practice of real estate (including Short Sales). It includes several recommendations, but should not be construed as the final word on risk management. The student’s job is to understand the risks, prepare for them, and avoid the creation of unnecessary risk.

Real World Negotiating
4 hours CE credit in Florida

In this program, you’ll learn that people do things for THEIR reasons, not yours. You’ll learn to list first, and act second. You’ll leave with cues that will tell you how they process information and the best kind of negotiating strategy that they will respond to. 4 hours CE credit

Real World REOs and Short Sales
4 hours CE credit in Florida

Have you thought about getting into or expanding your REO business, or were you thinking the train had already left the station? It's so much more than "getting on a list." Cynthia’s offices handle over 200 REOs a year, representing lenders such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Michigan National, Intergrated Asset Management, Atlas REO and others. He'll offer frank discussion on the ins and outs of lender and asset management representation, including real world requirements of REOtrans and lender mandated software platforms.

Workplace Law & Financial Management (non-CE 1-3 hours)