Programs by Joanne:


Courses under development for CE credit in Florida:

  • Are you Red Carpet Ready? Breaking into the Luxury Market - 3 hours
    F. Scott Fitzgerald said: “The very rich are different from you and me.” Working in the high-end luxury market is the same as working in any price point, or is it? Class defines what the luxury market is, how to ‘break in’ to this segment of business, understanding privacy, working with the gatekeepers and other staff and more…
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know Since Getting Your License - 4 hours
    From setting up your legal entity, business accounting, licensing, branding, marketing to understanding how to work with sellers and buyers.
  • No Hitting Allowed - A Guide to Successful Negotiating - 3 hours
    In every aspect of life we negotiate for a successful outcome. Learning more than on way to get to the desired goal and being able to translate this to guide buyers and sellers to a mutually acceptable conclusion is the hallmark of a real estate professional. Students will learn how each generation views negotiating and how to help each to get to the ‘yes’ they’re looking for while staying within license law and avoiding the unauthorized practice of law and more…
  • Hey! Who Are You Calling Old? Understanding the New Seniors Market - 3 hours
    Bette Davis said: “Getting old is not for sissies” as the population ages understanding the ‘new’ old age is more important than ever. Material includes understanding and breaking away from stereotypes, working with multiple generation decision makers and how your international seniors expect to be assisted in a real estate transaction and more…
  • How to be a Mega Listing $pecialist - 6 hours
    Understanding the different needs of each generation of sellers, how to guide sellers in pricing property, pre-listing step-by-step, communicating the process of listing to the seller, assisting sellers in evaluating all offers and more…
  • It's a Small World After All! Getting Started in Global Real Estate - 3 hours
    To the global buyer the US and Florida in particular continue to present home and property ownership opportunities. Students will learn where most of the international business in Florida comes from, how to tap into the market, advanced educational opportunities, working with the generations and guiding buyers & sellers through the maze of information about owning property in the USA.
  • Keep Calm & Set New Goals! - 3 hours
    You can’t hit a moving target! Agents will learn the value and necessity of clearly defined goals and how having a definite plan will assist not just their own business but help sellers & buyers achieve the outcome they desire in a transaction.
  • But it LOOKED like a Condo! - 3 hours
    Understanding what a condo is and is not, how condo ownership is different than single family, working with condo commando’s and associations and explaining the risks and benefits before purchasing in a condo development, includes section in insurance, mortgages, age and deed restrictions, home inspection red flags and working with CAM’S and more…
  • What’s the 4-1-1 on 1031’s? - 3 hours
    Understanding the technical aspects of 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges, guiding buyers/seller in selecting this tax deferring opportunity, understanding the requirement and cautions in selecting an exchange accommodator, defining the timelines and working with customers to assure that all deadlines are met and more…